With Helen Bish​op

Yoga is an incredible way of working with your body, mind and spirit. It makes you feel good and live better. It's relaxing but also energising and enlivening.

You will increase your strength and flexibility as well as accessing the systems of the body that help you to relax and find inner peace.

Yoga is really old, ancient in fact, but so relevant to us in a modern world where we are 'plugged in' 24/7. It allows us time to return to our body and reconnect with ourselves.

I teach General Yoga Classes for all abilities (The Yoga House and The Village community Centre also known as Toc H, both in Tunbridge Wells) and private one to one sessions or small groups in peoples homes. I also run retreats in Kerala, India and Luca, Italy.

I hope to hear from you soon, or please just drop in for a class. See the TIMETABLE on my classes page.

Helen Bishop

07968 255 127

[email protected]